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Default Re: Contest of Marvels II Thread 2

Professor Power vs. Kraven the Hunter:

This is not so much a match as it is a slaughter. First, Kraven wears not much more than animal fur (and very tacky animal fur, at that), which Professor Power uses a "battlesuit" that is "an armored, man-amplifying, powered exoskeleton primarily made of a high-carbon tool alloy formed into a chain mail structure that combines flexibility with maximum protection. Weighing 375 pounds, the battlesuit was able to withstand the detonation of 75 pounds of TNT at a distance of 20 feet." Obviously, anything that Kraven would normally use in capturing his prey wouldn't be enough to take down Professor Power. Plus, Kraven is used to hunting his prey...not for his prey to be hunting him too.

In addition to being able to have weapons in his suit, it was also "equipped with twin electrically powered, very high speed turbines which compressed incoming air to a high pressure and temperature and used a fine spray of J-4 jet fuel to cause self-igniting combustion. Both engines developed sufficient thrust to allow Professor Power to fly at speeds of up to 150 miles per hour and to reach a maximum height of about 500 feet." Kraven would have a difficult time capturing Professor Power, especially since Professor Power could locate Kraven from the air.

Finally, another good biography on Professor Power can be found here:

In it, it states that Professor Power now has "the ability to maintain his mind as an astral presence." This further shows how Kraven's ability to hunt him would be very limited.

Finally, the environment of the Blue Area of the Moon works to Professor Power's advantage way more than Kraven's. PP would know how to use the advanced technology from The Inhumans, Kree or Uatu to his furthest potential; while, Kraven would just wish he took a course at ITT at some time in this life.

Winner: Professor Power

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