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Default Re: Contest of Marvels II Thread 2

Kraven the Hunter schools Professor Power

Ok, Kraven is the clear underdog really. Professor Power's suit pretty much outclasses every weapon Kraven might have. But Kraven has a shot, and hes going to take it.

Professor Power's exoskeleton suit allows him to withstand a 75 ton TNT detonation. Weighs 375 punds, gives him the ability to fly at speeds of 150 MPH and a height of 500 feet. And gives him Superhuman strength. Its powered by a cold-fusion thermoelectric generator located in the suit's belt.

Kraven has some superhuman strength, speed up to 60 MPH, agility and stamina. He has animal fighting technicques and a nerve pucnh which will be rendered useless in this match.

Professor Power is able to easily locate and start battling Kraven with his suits weapons. Kraven is not the Hunter but the bait. Using his speed and agility, he is able to fend off some of these attacks but he takes hits, lots of hits. Kraven is able to study his opponent and tries to find weaknesses to no avail, but hes Kraven, he wont give up. Professor Power takes it to the air and Karevn is on the run, dodging and ducking to no avail. Theres no way he can take Professor Power from the air. Kraven takes a hit and is knocked to the ground causing professor Power to descend on him to see his opponents demise. Kraven awakes using his hunting knife is able to penetrate Power's energy source around his belt and begins his atatck. With Professor Power's suits abilities rendered useless, Kraven takes the match.

Written by: Chuck Austen

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