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Default Re: Contest of Marvels II Thread 1

Triumphant Underdog

Dazzler is the underdog in this match, Yes. However, with one day's preptime, she can appropriately prepare. She will know her enemy, meaning she will know to expect illusions and deceptions, making her perhaps smart enough NOT to believe her eyes and ears.

Since her powers are based on sound and light, she might be able to weed out what sounds are real by which ones give her a charge. Allisons's has always worn a suit that was made to store sound energy for just such an occasion.

Mastermind isn't the only one who can bedazzle and ensnare. a few nice bright flashes of light could emit screams to help her find the real target. also, she has an offensive power, where mastermind does not. She can focuse her light emmissions into lasers, allowing her a chance to get him in a ranged attack.

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