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Default Re: Contest of Marvels II Thread 2

Mr. Hyde vs Windshear

Both of these characters have very potent powers. Mister Hyde has enhanced strength, speed, endurance and reflexes, landing in a nice 50 ton class range. Windshear on the other hand has a suit of armor to help him out in that department, as well as the added mutant ability of creating 'hard air'. It's not going to help him much against Mister Hyde.

Mister Hyde is pretty much the kind of guy the name implies, a brutal vicious man that will stop at nothing to get rid of his enemies. Right now, that enemy is Windshear, and all Mister Hyde needs is to grab him and take him apart. Now, obviously, you're first response would be: But Windshear can fly! Yes, this is an important issue that needs adressing. As we saw when the X-Men fought the Imperial Guard, thanks to the change of gravity, flying is about the last thing you would want to do on the Blue Area of the Moon. If Windshear flies and doesn't look out, he's going to end up killing himself. If he has a bit of sense, he won't fly and be forced to approach Mister Hyde a little more directly, leading to a quite disasterous result, with Mister Hyde taking the win.


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