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Default Re: Contest of Marvels II Thread 2

Originally Posted by Phaedrus45

Darth writes up a great storyline....and, it works until the end. There won't be anything "causing (P)rofessor Power to descend on him to see his opponents demise;" because, Professor Power would use his "e-beam (electron-beam) gun" which "used a high-flux particle accelerator assembly located in his battlesuit's right forearm and a lasing array around the forefinger of his right glove, which operated in tandem" and caused a "maximum concussive force equivalent to the detonation of 100 pounds of TNT."

Now, just imagine that; from the air, Professor Power spots Kraven running, and he uses a "concussive force equivalent to the detonation of 100 pounds of TNT." There won't be any thing to see after that. No body to look at, because the body doesn't exist anymore.

Winner: Professor Power

Rebuttal: Kraven has no chance, therefore my fancy story will make me seem cooler.

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