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Default Re: Contest of Marvels II Thread 4

Havoc defeats Shadrac

Havoc has the ability to absorb ambient stellar energy and reemits it as a focused plasma blast strong enough to melt steel or fry a person.

Shadrac is constantly consumed in intense flames which he could manipulate in the form of blasts emitted from his hands or an aura he could expand at will. It is unknown what high temperatures he could reach, but Shadrac was able to melt metal at the touch of his hands.

Its clear this will be a close match but Havok is in freaking space. What better place to be able to absorb cosmic/stellar energy than in freaking space! Shadrac would be a formidable foe but considering that the same flames Shadrac uses are killing him as well, its clear Havoc has an advantage. Simply put, while both have somewhat similar powers, Havoc would easily over power Shadrac.

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