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Lightbulb Re: Contest of Marvels II Thread 2

[quote=Phaedrus45]BRACKET 3,

Match 1:

Demogoblin (HIPPY FASCIST) bio


Yellow claw (PHAEDRUS45) bio


Ok, so opening statement for demogoblin.

While this will undoubtedly be a tough match for the goblin he does have certain advantages over his foe. While yellowclaw's psychic assault would make things very difficult, demogoblin has displayed some psychic ability himself in the past.

Devilclaw is an extremely accomplished sorcerer well versed in the black arts, he is certainly of a level that he'd give yellow claw a run for his money.

Unlike many combatants he posseses an infinate supply of projectile weapons. Meaning he could simply carpet-bomb the area with pumpkin bombs until eventually he got a hit. As a further note, Demogoblin's pumpkin bombs have the ability to cripple an opponent emotionally. I know this sounds crap like the heart guy from CAPTAIN PLANET!

...but, put it this way, if your opponent is sitting on the floor crying like a little girl he isn't going to be putting up much of a fight!

I'm not sure on the limitations of range but demogoblin can go pretty high and move pretty fast on that glider of his making him, at least initially, an extremely difficult target for any weapon yellow claw would bring to the fight.

His skin causes violent halucinations in opponents meaning if he so much as brushed against yellow claw the sorceror would lose all concentration resulting in at the very least some reduction in the effects of his powers.

Demogoblin is like a rabid dog in a fight, the kind of psycho you can't deal with (particularly since his moral code means he will have INSANE AMMOUNTS OF HATRED spurring him on) in a rational matter and as anyone who has gotten into a fight on a friday night down the pub can tell you...nutjob's don't play by the rules. Yellowclaw has extensive martial arts training but martial arts rely on punches coming at certain spots, they are a series of set movements designed to counteract another(or multiple) fighting styles. As a result deomgoblin would prove tough to stop, combine that with the fact that he has strength on spider-man's level and I think it's clear that if this fight goes close combat yellow claw would get pwned!

So in closing, while demogoblin is clearly of lesser power, yellow claw's powers require heavy concentration which is the one thing demogoblin was born to spoil. The guy can get on your nerves, he can freak ou out, he can bounce around the room (excuse the crappy pun) like a man possesed. Anything the freak you out. We are talking about two characters based around the concept of hallucination and which would freak you out more if you were old chinese guy...or a freakin DEMON!

Thank you for listening, you've been a great audience...

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