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Default Re: Contest of Marvels II Thread 2

Originally Posted by Phaedrus45
Demogoblin vs. Yellow Claw:

Definitely my toughest match this week; but, in my estimation, one that Yellow Claw would pull out the victory. This match is all about location, experience, and knowledge. As the various bios on Yellow Claw state, he's a "criminal mastermind ... born over one hundred and fifty years ago in mainland China. A genius in biochemistry," he has the knowledge and experience to learn about his opponent and use his lack of experience against him.

Since Yellow Claw is going up against a demon, his past dealings with the supernatural will be his advantage. As his bio also states, "The Yellow Claw has superhuman psychic abilities with which he can influence another person's sensory perceptions, causing that Person to see, hear, and even feel the illusions the Claw projects into his or her mind.
The Yellow Claw has considerable knowledge of sorcery, and has even proved able to reanimate the dead."(1) It would be my estimation that a demon wouldn't be too well trained in dealing with a psychic who can influence his perceptions.(2) And, with Yellow Claws knowledge of sorcery, he's probably be able to send Demogoblin right back where he came from.(3)

This will be a match of shadows and deceipt. It's too bad Demogoblin's stench and flames will give him away. Yellow Claw's psychic training will easily keep him hidden, until he can use his sorcery to banish this demon.(3) And, it is with Sorcery he would probably defeat this goblin...but, it's not his only means. He is a master in biochemisty, and has a variety of weapons, including one that "can weaken a person's will with his 'id paralyzer.'"(4)

Winner: Yellow Claw
Oooooh Itemized ()
  1. He has proved able to re-animate the dead at the absolute peak of his powers. Demogoblin is also an extremely accomplished student of the black arts(wouldn't really call him a sorceror though ) and as traditional views on magic's show, for every spell there is a counter-spell. Demogoblin would be able to hold his opponent at bay for a long time if the battle went magical.
  2. Except perhaps for a demon whose whole powerbase revolves around halucination and general fear. The guy has halucinogenic skin, he has bombs and blades that cause emotional breakdowns on impact, do you not think that at somepoint he was on the recieving end of some of those emotional panic attacks. Also how do you freak a guy that has spent most of his existence in HELL! It doesn't get much freakier than ABANDON HOPE ALL WHO ENTER HERE (not sure if that's the exact quote)
  3. With regards banishment, traditional folklore dictates (and buffy/charmed ), for every kind of demon there is a set ritual/weapon/natural influence for banishing them from the mortal plane. Demogoblin is a student of the black arts. If you were in his position what be the first thing you'd'd check out the spells with significant impact on yourself and learn how to interupt/repel their effects.
  4. The id is the selfish impulses, the pleasure centre. Demogoblin doesn't do what he does out of desire or because he enjoys it, the guy's on a personal crusade due to an extreme moral code he has picked up somewhere. He is not acting wilfully he is doing something that to him at least involves suffering and sacrifice.
Any questions


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