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Default Re: Contest of Marvels II Thread 4

Originally Posted by Trigger
This is all assuming that Owl would go the animalistic combat route in combat, something he wouldn't do against a guy would explosive arrows. In fact, he'd be more likely to dodge the arrows and wait for Arkon to run out, and he has more than enough physical strength to engage Arkon in hand-to-hand combat.

While Owl does have heightened strength, it's not as much as Arkon has. Also, Owl is known as a manipulator. He rarely fights himslef nad has his minions do the dirty work while he plans. While tht has worked for him in the past, it does him absolutely no good in this fight seeing as how he is completely alone. On the other hand, Arkon, who is stronger, is also a very skilled warrior. He is considered the absolute best on his planet, which centers it's life around warfare.

Also, it would be impossible for Owl to just keep dodging all of Arkon's energy bolts until he runs out. Maybe if Owl could fly, he would have a small chance, but he can only glide. This might allow him a little bit of extra manueverability for a time, it is nowhere near as much a flying would. Also, if Owl was dodging quite a few of the energy bolts, Arkon would just resort to using his powerful black bolts. These are equal to 20 tons of TNT. You don't have to hit the person with them to kill them. He could miss by 50 yards, and still be able to kill or greatly injure Owl with a blast like that.

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