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Default Re: Contest of Marvels II Thread 3

Originally Posted by Phaedrus45

Match 2:

Gauntlet (ZOKEN) bio


Bullseye (HIPPY FASCIST) bio

Ok debate number 2.

Bullseye...if ever there was a character that the only use the information available to you prior to battle it is Bullseye! Every time the guy goes up against his opponents he uses his contacts in the underworld to make sure that he KNOWS them, and when I sa knows I mean he knows about that time you crapped your pants in gym class cause you ate a bowl of clam choweder that smelt kinda funny. The guy goes to sociopathic levels in profiling his opponents. He will not only find out about your powers but also any painful memories you have, which he will exploit for maximum psycholgical damage. Bullseye, while primarily a marksman is also extremely well atuned to ****ing(sorry judges...) with people's heads.

Secondly Bullseye is basically a gun with a pulse, only this gun hits every time and can use ANYTHING as amo. He can aim perfectly not only in a straight line but also using a strange knowledge of geometry( ) to take advantage of nearby terrain/objects to bounce a projectile back on itself.
This allows him to use guerilla tactics to claim the upperhand, heavy weapons are useless in a guerilla war. People can be hinding ANYWHERE and since bullseye never even needs to get involved in close combat he could be bouncing around anywhere and from a hell of a distance, still managing to hit every time. This level of accuracy is perfect for taking on a partial cyborg due to the fact that he's the one guy that you know can hit the organic parts frst time every time (incidentally due to the extreme nature of bullseye's usual background checks I assume he will be able to find out what gauntlet has had replaced over the years and work round it)

Finally we have the unlimited ammo factor, even claw will run out eventually but to bullseye a toothpick is a deadly weapon, a tiny pebble is a deadly weapon, you name it he can use it. If bullseye he takes it long distance he can keep going all day long and never run dry... like a camel

Gauntlet is an opponent not to be underestimated, but he'd get his ass handed to him by Bullseye!


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