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Default Re: Contest of Marvels II Thread 2

Originally Posted by Phaedrus45
In actuality, the only psychic abilities that Demogoblin has displayed is between him and his previous host, Jason Macendale. For this reason, he is stated as having "limited telepathic ablility," because of his previous association with the Hobgoblin.
I'm pretty sure he's displayed links with other people such as doppelganger

Yes, it is stated he's well versed in black magic and the occult, but never has he been referred to as "an extremely accomplished sorcerer." Simply put, he uses fire and brimstone to make his glider and weapon's work. In all the research you can do on Demogoblin, you will never find him using sorcery.
The implication however is that these are spells rather than inate abilities. The guy is however many milenia old and most importantly has spent most of his life in hell, don't you think that he has at least heard tales of Yellow claw's exploits from the "inmates" he will have a fair amount of knowledge of yellowclaw and with regards the sorcery, alistair crowley was probably a great teacher! But seriously, if he can conjure pumpkin bombs and a glider, don't you think he might have learnt a few defensive spells over the years. Also he conjures these without words, unlike the majority of sorcerors, which implies at least fairly significant power-levels.

The problem with this statement in regards to this match-up is two-fold. First, the Blue Area of the Moon is made up of many structures in which to battle. He cannot get so far out of range that Yellow Claw's method's would be unavailable to reach him. Second, need I remind you how Demogoblin died? He clearly won't "carpet-bomb the area," because a pillar ended up crushing him and ending his life.
(I was referring to weaponry as in guns)

Second he died holding the pillar up to save a little girl, how many litle girls are there likely to be in the area?

1) Demogoblin won't be able to research who Yellow Claw is, while Yellow Claw would have extensive information about Jason Macendale and Demogoblin at this disposal. You may ask, "Why wouldn't Demogoblin be able to get any information?" Because, Demogoblin is so insane that "he saw everyone as a sinner," and would thus try to kill anyone who could possible assist him.
But he will have memories of his time in hell and as I said has probably bumped into one or two of yellow-claws enemies ver the years, yellow claw predates demogoblin unless I'm mistaken...

2) Yellow Claw is a master at many things, including sorcery, mysticism, alchemy, biochemistry, and the martial arts. The last thing Yellow Claw would do is engage Demogoblin in a physical fight. So, all the arguments about that would be null and void. Yellow Claw would know this demon's weaknesses, he would know ways to protect himself from the Demogoblin.
And as I said demogoblin is a wild animal with total conviction that he is in the right, hewould fight through the pain and find a way totake it to close quarters, a guy like yellow claw he is going to want to whale on nice and hard
3) The prep-time is to Yellow Claw's extreme advantage, and utterly useless to Demogoblin. Demogoblin does not play well with others. In fact, as my opponent clearly states, he's quite insane. Yellow Claw isn't. He has a vast empire, knowledge of the underground, and unlimited resources at his disposal. Simply put, the more anyone thinks about this match-up, the more they will realize the one character who has the clear advantage.
Prep time is for little-girls

Winner: Yellow Claw WINNER: DEMOGOBLIN

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