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Default Re: Contest of Marvels II Thread 2

Originally Posted by hippy fascist

I'm pretty sure he's displayed links with other people such as doppelganger
I stand partially corrected. Here is the exact quote:

"He had limited telepathic ability developing a telepathic link with both Doppelganger and Jason Macendale."

But, that is it. Nothing else can be found about him having anything more. It could only be conjectured that he developed these two links because of his bond to both of them. It would be false to suppose he could have anything more.

Originally Posted by hippy fascist
The implication however is that these are spells rather than inate abilities. The guy is however many milenia old and most importantly has spent most of his life in hell, don't you think that he has at least heard tales of Yellow claw's exploits from the "inmates" he will have a fair amount of knowledge of yellowclaw and with regards the sorcery, alistair crowley was probably a great teacher! But seriously, if he can conjure pumpkin bombs and a glider, don't you think he might have learnt a few defensive spells over the years. Also he conjures these without words, unlike the majority of sorcerors, which implies at least fairly significant power-levels.
This will, of course, be left up to the voter. But, I would again say that there is nothing in any of Demogoblin's history that he can do anything beyond his fire and brimstone. For me, you cannot pre-suppose something without having proof that it's been done before.

Also, to imagine that these demons spend their time talking to one another would be more conjecture. A demon is in Hell for one reason and one reason alone...To be tortured. I have never seen a water-cooler moment in Hell, and I cannot picture fellow demons dishing the dirt to other demons. (Plus, people who have had past experiences with Yellow Claw would more than likely be souls, not demons.)

Originally Posted by hippy fascist
Second he died holding the pillar up to save a little girl, how many litle girls are there likely to be in the area?
This was actually an argument I was going to use....but, it would have been more of a "plan W." I did realize that Yellow Claw would discover that Demogoblin's one weakness is with little children. It's the only type of people who he felt was free of sin. Yellow Claw would simply use an advanced hologram to make Demogoblin believe a child is in danger; thus, putting himself in danger. It's a trap that couldn't be called ridiculous, because Demogoblin's insanity makes many things possible.

Simply put, I decided that I probably didn't need to go with "plan W" because I would have defeated Demogoblin before I would have to resort to it. But, it was an option in the back of my mind.

Originally Posted by hippy fascist
And as I said demogoblin is a wild animal with total conviction that he is in the right, hewould fight through the pain and find a way totake it to close quarters, a guy like yellow claw he is going to want to whale on nice and hard
But, if you look at past encounters with Yellow Claw, you will notice he can successfully hide in the shadows. Demogoblin is all about flash and fire. (And, as I pointed out, the smell of brimstone would alert anyone to his coming.) Yellow Claw is so skilled, he could use his psychic powers to hide himself quite effective amongst the ruins of the Blue Side of the Moon. After all, just because someone wants a fight to go a certain way, a true master will know his strengths and weaknesses and take all of that into account. Yellow Claw is clearly the master....Demogoblin, at the end of the day, is just a demon, a servent of hell.

Originally Posted by hippy fascist

Prep time is for little-girls

And, it was a little girl that got Demogoblin killed.

Winner: Yellow Claw

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