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Default Re: Contest of Marvels II Thread 4

Kaine Vs Wolfesbane

I like both characters, but I think Kaine has this one fairly easily. Wolfesbane is the basic beastile character with senses, claws, etc. The thing about Kaine though, is that he is a clone of Spidey plus some. His powers were never stated specifically in the comics, but the creaters have all stated outside of the pages that his powers are all upgraded exaggerations of Peter's. His limited ability to see the future is an extreme case of Spidey Sense. His 'Mark of Kaine' is an exageration of Peter's ability to stick to walls (basically sucks the crap out of someone's face to leave those scars). Etc. This means that he's faster and stronger than Peter as well, and that's dang impressive. He's also a known killer, and very skilled at it.

Here's a simple outline of the battle. The two are on the moon, which isn't special to either of them, and they are hunting one another. Both are expert hunters and they would find one another quickly. I do think that Wolfesbane would get the drop on Kaine first, but he would react quicker than she could handle. She may get a quick wound in, but Kaine would quickly throw her away with a punch or something of that nature. Wolfesbane would lose her cool and woudl attack, but Kaine would counter and just beat the crap out of her. Wolfesbane would probably flee, but Kaine would grow tired of the match and kinda vanish (in to shadows as he does often) and kinda show up again in Wolfebane's path. He'd pick her up by the throat and break it, and grant his first victom of the contest of marvels the pleasure of bearing the Mark of Kaine.

Winner - Kaine

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