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Default Re: Contest of Marvels II Thread 4

Originally Posted by Darthphere

Heimdall, a standard Asgardian warrior only possesses limited super strength, about 30 tons, his skin is only about 3 times as dense as a human, and other superhuman physical attributes.

Nova, possesses the Nova force, flight, enhanced strenght, speed and durability. His suit allows protection from harsh weather conditions and the ability to breathe in space.

Heimdall is anything but standard. His strength is in that range and everything else about him is superhuman including his speed.

Nova's strength is only in the 20 ton range. Given Marvel's ranking, the difference between class 20 and class 30 is very big.

Therefore we are talking about a weaker character when we compare Nova to Heimdall.

Originally Posted by Darthphere
This match comes down to heimdall's super senses, vision and hearing and Nova's use of the Nova force. Quite simply put, Nova wins quite easily as he outclasses heimdall in Speed and agility thanks to the Nova force and he eloquently put, hits real hard. Heimdall being an Asgardian warrior will put up a real good fight, and its commeneded but Nova outclasses him in every way possible. It should also be noted that nova's helmet is able to pick up radio and heat transmissions so Heimdall isnt able to outclass him in the sense department. The asgardian is able to move fast and take a lot of hits, but Nova hits harder and is faster. Simply put, while we'll get a good match up and Nova will take a couple of good hits, Nova will come out on top.

First of all, Nova does not outclass Heimdall in every way. In fact, it is Nova who is outclassed in terms of strength and Fighting prowess.

The speed factor is also questionable. Yes his outright travel speed is greater but are his reflexes? No they are not. They are comparable therefore in a fight, they would be on a level playing ground so far as fighting is concernned. Of course, Heimdall would be the one hitting harder with his arrays of weapons.

Let me say Nova would put up a good fight and it is commended, but he would be outclassed against an Asgardian God.

Just a little note this is not....I repeat not....Nova with the Worldmind. This is Nova, average centurion guard.

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