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Default Re: Contest of Marvels II Thread 2

Originally Posted by Ahura Mazda
I will not argue this point but lets note that Fenris was very rarely seen in the comic but when he was, it ws in Asgard. I don't know how much info HQ would have outside of Norse Mythology.
You misunderstand they have all the knowledge of the entire universe, that means evrything, it isn't someone compiling info, it's ABSOLUTE knowledge.

Originally Posted by Ahura Mazda
Yes she came out standing against Hyperion but she only acted as a distraction and the team was able to defeat him with the help of 2 other Hyperions from other timelines so lets not think she could have stood up to him on her own. She does not have that kind of help here.
No she was the one taht took him down first by teleporting his beams into his back. And she fought him head on in the desert and survived, she didn't win she survived! Big diference but I tihnk this wolf chump would get a major smackdown from Hyperion.

Originally Posted by Ahura Mazda
I will say that her teleporting powers are extensive but could she teleport a URU HAMMER forged by Surtur away. This is not any normal weapon so the question remains in doubt. The question would be the same to ask whether she could teleport Mjollnir away from Thor.
Why couldn't she teleport it away from him? And after that
she would just hammer him with thousands of dagger that
would eventually hit him and split him apart.
Originally Posted by Ahura Mazda
This is a creature ODIN feared, you really think a sub-omega mutant stands a chance.

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