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Default Re: Contest of Marvels II Thread 4

Originally Posted by Darthphere
Rebuttal: Even without the Worldmind Nova has the strenght, speed and agility to take down Heimdall. EVen though Heimdall is an Asgardian, I think youre overestimating his powers in this match. Nova would be able to move quicker, strike faster and harder than heimdall could. Strenght really isnt even an issue when you can hit a guy as fast as Nova can. Youre underestimating Nova in every which way. Also, the fact that Heimdall was in possession of the Odin Force at one point is irrelevant to this matchup.

I realise his powers but his speed is limited by the location and of his heroic sense. He will not destroy the atmosphere by accelerated to too great a speed.

Therefore he may only be slightly faster then Heimdall when it comes to close fight. Heimdall has physical senses greater then any of the other asgardian gods...he would be able to hear Nova's muscles tensing before even a swing being thrown. heimdall would be able to dodge plus lets not forget he has a sword he knows how to use as an expert.

And Heimdall hitting Nova is no joke....nothing anyways Nova could take without feeling it. Plus Heimdall's sword could cut through Nova like through warm butter and as a warrior he will not shy away from doing so.

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