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Default Re: Contest of Marvels II Thread 2

Originally Posted by Hellstormer
You misunderstand they have all the knowledge of the entire universe, that means evrything, it isn't someone compiling info, it's ABSOLUTE knowledge.
The way I understand it, was all earthly knowledge. Asgard is not earthly.

Originally Posted by Hellstormer
she fought him head on in the desert and survived, she didn't win she survived! Big diference but I tihnk this wolf chump would get a major smackdown from Hyperion.
To call fenris a wolf chump is to seriously underestimate Fenris the wolf. And whether Hyperion could take him is in question as well. Thor could not and neither would Odin be able to. You know Odin right, the Allfather who could take down Thanos and fight off Surtur.

Originally Posted by Hellstormer
Why couldn't she teleport it away from him? And after that she would just hammer him with thousands of dagger that would eventually hit him and split him apart.
The hammer is made of uru and is magical in nature. It is protected. I don't remember Thor's hammer ever being teleported out of his hands.

And the daggers would not necessarily penetrate him as invulnerable as he is.

Blink is outclassed against a creature that is destinned to eat Odin.

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