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Default Re: Contest of Marvels II Thread 2

Originally Posted by Ahura Mazda
I concede she would have knowledge that a wolf destinned to eat Odin who has no weakenesses. Its not like she could get some Kryptonite....
No but with the future forcasting abilities she would be able to find some way to defeat him.

Originally Posted by Ahura Mazda
I know that but we did not see those battles so do not quite know the circumstances of them. And Blink is not Batman or Forge.
I don't think she's that high but maybe like a level below it, two at the most.

Originally Posted by Ahura Mazda
And how would she throw anything if Fenris instantly crushes her changing to the size of a continent or to the size of a microbe...he can control his size and lest I forget he is also a shapechanger. Plus it is not like Fenris would not be viscious...he would just be as happy having her for lunch and feel no remorse whatsoever.
If he gets realy big she could just teleport away from him, and the bigger he is, the easier he would be to hit. If he turned small she could just step on him.

Originally Posted by Ahura Mazda
I am glad we agree she is outclassed.
Yep, not the greatest battle to start off with.

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