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Default Re: Contest of Marvels II Thread 1

Strong Guy vs. Green Goblin

This is a good warmup match for Strong Guy to get into this tournament with. A tough opponent that he can still beat.

First I'll say that it's unlikely Norman would be able to get any information on Guido, while, if nothing else, Guido could learn all he needs about Norman from old issues of the Daily Bugle.

So, without knowledge of his opponent, Normal will probably fall back on the classic tactic of flying around on his glider and raining down pumpkin bombs on Guido. What he wouldn't know is that the energy of the blasts would do nothing but pump Guido up.

Of course, this leads us to the problem of Strong Guy overcharging since Norman would keep out of his grasp. But Guido would do what he always does when charged too high, punch the ground, stomp the ground, hit anything to release the his energy.

And if Guido takes his power out on a building or other structure, he may get himself some hefty material to through at the Goblin, gving him another outlet for the built up energy.

Eventually, Norman's going to use up his weapons and have to take on Strong Guy himself. He could try ramming Guido with his glider, but Strong Guy would probably shrug off the impact and use it on Norman, who's now in range of his fists.

And in hand-to-hand combat, I have to give it to Strong Guy. He's an experienced hand-to-hand fighter as it is, and he'd redirect the energy of any blows Norman may land, meaning the Goblin probably wouldn't be able to hurt him, even with his bumped up strength.

Now, Norman can also take a punch and heal quickly, but we're talking about punches from a mutant that was strong enough to take on the Hulk. And even though Norman is fast, Guido would probably only need to connect once to turn the fight on his side. Strong Guy even could take the fight indoors and bring the building down around him. He'd survive (he's had buildings fall on him before), but Norman would probably be in a bad way afterwards.

To sum up, I'm not sure what Norman could do that would seriously hurt Guido, but there's plenty Strong Guy can do to take the Goblin out of the fight.

Strong Guy wins.

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