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Lightbulb Re: THE MAN OF STEEL title for sequel??

The Man of Steel: Superman Forever
as one title would be excellent for the third installation, when things are supposedly resolved between Superman/Clark and Lois and he's up to full strength again (and forever) - or will he be?

With that thought (#1 Returns, #3 Forever, chaos in the middle), this is my choice for #2:
Superman: Redemption
I think someone suggested it but can't find it. Excellent. Forceful and suggestive of improvement but not definitive as to who or what is being changed in #2. Would be a very heavy movie, with lots of action putting Lois & the others in danger, but would also have some intense one-on-ones between most of the pairs of characters. Multiple redemptions in the movie would be best.

Of the other suggestions thus far, these are my favorites:
The Last Son of Krypton? - gotta have the "?" because of the kid
Superman: Legacy has a great kick to it and can be read a few ways but almost sounds like he's going to die

Superman: Heritage is close but sounds too much like a History Channel documentary

Superman: Genesis reminds me of the "Genesis device" in Trek but otherwise is a good option...

Superman: Man of Tomorrow sounds too much like an art installation

Superman: Krypton's Child reminds me way too much of the "Tuesday's child is full of grace" poem and of old Trek episodes. I'm a huge Trek fan, but I don't want to be thinking Kirk while watching Clark.

Or we could just go with
Superman: Reboot!
for #2. Would that be too Matrix-y, given that Superman isn't terribly technological by comparison?

For an accurate reversal of the long-running joke, they could call it:
Woman of Steel, Man of Kleenex
- poor guy did look like he was in or close to tears several times during SR, and I would be too if I were him and that was Lois.

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