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Thumbs up Re: Should they change the costume for the sequel?

More or less what I was thinking, but I'd just make the briefs a tad higher i/o larger. They're way too low on him. Definitely the wider neckline, so Clark can wear a wider variety of shirts w/o it showing (and so we can see more of Routh! ). I thought the cape in SR was too dark & rubbery looking on the outside and that the boots were way too dark.

Originally Posted by Steelsheen
the suit definitely needs tweaking:

-- wider neckline
-- slightly larger shield
-- slightly larger briefs
-- tad brighter shade of red
-- dye Routh's hair jet black (not exactly part of the costume but contributes to the overall look).
This one that someone posted is just about perfect:

but I'd like the neckline a few inches wider still and would like the bottom of the briefs to go just a tad higher so they're less like shorts.

A thick suit is fine for a mere mortal such as Spidey or Batman, but Superman doesn't need one. Want Routh to be able to bulk up as much as he wants to w/o worrying about how the suit fits!

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