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Default Re: Contest of Marvels II Thread 2

Originally Posted by Hellstormer
No but with the future forcasting abilities she would be able to find some way to defeat him.
I did not think the future forecasting abilities are that accurate or every battle would have been a foregone conclusion with the exiles which it has not been.

If he gets realy big she could just teleport away from him, and the bigger he is, the easier he would be to hit. If he turned small she could just step on him.
I am talking of a size that would cover the blue area of the moon....where would she teleport to..... outer space. I think she needs to breathe. And even if he were the size of a microbe he would still be invulnerable.

Originally Posted by Hellstormer
Yep, not the greatest battle to start off with.
I have a few of those as well, notably wolfesbane against Kaine comes to mind.

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