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Default Re: Contest of Marvels II Thread 1


Originally Posted by wiegeabo
Strong Guy vs. Green Goblin

This is a good warmup match for Strong Guy to get into this tournament with. A tough opponent that he can still beat.

First I'll say that it's unlikely Norman would be able to get any information on Guido, while, if nothing else, Guido could learn all he needs about Norman from old issues of the Daily Bugle.
Norman isn't just any ol' wierdo in a suit. He has more than enough connections to learn information about Guido; especially since Guido has
worked with the government before (which earned him some of the media's attention.) If anything, Norman should have access to some of the same resources as Guido. I also doubt any Bugle article could be more descriptive than a government file, and Oscorp has had very close relations to the government.

Originally Posted by Wiegabo
Of course, this leads us to the problem of Strong Guy overcharging since Norman would keep out of his grasp. But Guido would do what he always does when charged too high, punch the ground, stomp the ground, hit anything to release the his energy.

And if Guido takes his power out on a building or other structure, he may get himself some hefty material to through at the Goblin, gving him another outlet for the built up energy.
It'd only take Norman seeing him do this once to realize how he releases energy, and given the Goblin's reaction times. It'd take a hell of a lucky shot to not only hit him, but knock him of the glider. Meanwhile Norman can, and would continuously rain down missles/bullets/what have you at Guido, and I don't think he could discharge fast enough.

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