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Default Re: Contest of Marvels II Thread 1


Originally Posted by Trigger

Norman isn't just any ol' wierdo in a suit. He has more than enough connections to learn information about Guido; especially since Guido has
worked with the government before (which earned him some of the media's attention.) If anything, Norman should have access to some of the same resources as Guido. I also doubt any Bugle article could be more descriptive than a government file, and Oscorp has had very close relations to the government.
Possible, but not guaranteed. Whereas Guido could find out more than enough about Norman from easy to access sources. JJJ would make sure every little detail about Osborn and the Goblin he could dig up would be in his paper (and that's just one way Guido could get info. He may have access to government files as well).

Originally Posted by Trigger
It'd only take Norman seeing him do this once to realize how he releases energy, and given the Goblin's reaction times. It'd take a hell of a lucky shot to not only hit him, but knock him of the glider. Meanwhile Norman can, and would continuously rain down missles/bullets/what have you at Guido, and I don't think he could discharge fast enough.

Punching or stomping is only one way for Guido to discharge. Just the act of running from airborne attacks could do it. Not to mention throwing large chunks of debris caused by the explosins (or by Guido hitting/running through a building to get rid of some of the energy. Strong Guy could even put his energy into a good jump and try to grab Norman in the air. If Guido misses, energy expended. If he connects, Gobby's going to be in for a world of hurt.

And it wouldn't be obvious to Norman how Guido is resisting his attacks. From Gobby's perspective, Strong Guy may just be resistant to the bombs and bullets, and he's punching objects to get stuff to throw, not necessarily to discharge extra energy.

It's the classic situation where you have a fast mover against a strong guy (pun intended). The fast mover can't do a lot of damage (relatively) with each attack, but can attack a lot (until he runs out of ammo). The fast mover may be able to dodge a lot of the strong guy's attacks, but Strong Guy only has to connect once to bring the fight onto his side.

Strong Guy wins.

I don't care about your deathmatches. Don't even ask. I'll just report it as spam.

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