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Default Re: Contest of Marvels II Thread 4

Originally Posted by Phaedrus45
Owl (TRIGGER) bio


Arkon (KYTRIGGER) bio


Arkon easily takes this battle. He outclasses Owl in physical strength, fighting ability, durability, and long ranged firepower (of which Owl has none). Owl is a genius, but when it comes to knowledge of battles and wars, Arkon is one of the best in the MU and is right up there with Cap and Fury and easily trumps Owl in this category as well. If this was on who could plan a better bank robbery, then that's one thing, but this is battle, and nobody outshines Arkon in that department.

The only thing Owl even has going for him is that he can glide. Not fly, glide...for about a block. While this gives him a little more maneuverability, it is nowhere near the same as actually flying, and Arkon would eventually hit Owl with one of his energy bolts.

You can try and claim that Arkon would keep missing until he ran out of ebergy bolts, but that won't happen. Even if Arkon did run out of his normal explosive bolts, he would then just use his all powerful bolts that are equal to 20 tons of TNT. These can shatter mountains, you don't even have to be that accurate with them. Hell, Arkon could close his eyes and just throw it and Owl would still probably be blown up from the blast.

Arkon is from the planet Polemachus. A planet where war is everything to them (much like the Spartans). From that entire planet of gung-ho warriors, Arkon is the absolute best. He lives for battle, and relishes defeating his opponent. The only dissapointment for Arkon in this battle is that it would simply be over too quickly without any real challenge for him.

Winner: Arkon

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