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Default Re: How do you think Heath Ledger will do as Joker?

Originally Posted by ultimatefan
I´m getting tired of this anti-Ledger thing. If this guy was some Paul Walker or Freddie Prinze Jr I´d totally get it, but the man is a respected, Oscar-nominated actor, he has the right chin and the right grin... He hasn´t played a psycho yet, but that´s what´s exciting, how may people thought of Gary Oldman as Gordon?
Gary Oldman with a mustache does look like Gordon. It was inspired casting. I still don't see how Ledger looks like The Joker but I'll give the guy a chance and if he wows me by the first trailer than I'll eat my hat and if he can pull off a "Clockwork Orange" with the character than he's wowed me even more but till then... it's all up in the air and it's not really an anti-Ledger cult or anything, it's just everybody has THEIR Joker and has THEIR person to play Joker.

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