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Default Re: Was that little kid in Batman Begins supposed to be the future Robin?

Originally Posted by Robin91939
This is my thought on it.

The child was in the movie for three reasons, really.

1.) To show just how bad the narrows really were. He was a neglected child, standing out in the rain with his parents fighting and hollering inside the house. He wasn't a bitter kid, he was hopeful, even in the rain with his fueding parents. He represtented the goodness in Gotham that Batman was fighting for.

2.) Batman has always been loved by children. This was a tribute to all of the young fans that have loved Batman for the ages. He was there to give a childs perspective of the Dark Knight. He saw what the adults couldn't. He saw that the Batman was a hero, "Batman will save us".

3.) He was an homage to the character of Robin. Not of any specific incarnation of Robin, be it Dick Grayson, Jason Todd, or Tim Drake- but rather just a generic homage to the character. He wore a red short sleeve shirt, with a longsleeve greyish green shirt underneath, he gave hope to Batman, and depended on him in a time of need.

The character of "Narrow's Child" was in the film BATMAN BEGINS for these reason. Will he ever become Robin? Absolutely not. Was he a tribute to the fans, and of the character of Robin? Yes. Is that all that a Robin fan needs? From a genesis movie of Batman, yes.

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