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Default Re: Dougherty and Harris

How does anyone that calls themself a Superman fan, and by that I mean someone that reads the comics, accept Superman Returns? Routh pulled off Clark really well, but his Superman left something to be desired. Bosworth was just lazy casting for Lois. You'd think guys that were fans of Lois would know she knows how to fight. "Uh oh, a big scary henchman is coming to beat me up. Let me fall like a helpless victim and hopefully someone saves me." Yeah, that made sense to me too. The kid was something that nobody wanted, and very few people liked. Let's let Superman almost die because of a kryptonite shank in the guts, but later have him lift an entire continent made of kryptonite. Yeah, that made sense to me to. Ooh, we should have Lex Luthor wear wigs and have the lamest evil plan ever. Yeah, because I know I'd want to live on a big, dark, and ugly crystal continent too. Yah, the movie was beautifully written, too bad logic wasn't included.

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