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Default Re: Dougherty and Harris

Originally Posted by igotatromboner
Well **** guys, I'm sorry that I like the characters that have been written over the years, not the characters put on screen with Superman Returns. I read the comics, I've watched the cartoons, I've experienced all different versions of Superman through different kinds of media, and what Superman Returns had on screen were not the characters I've been presented with over the years and I was disappointed. I'm sorry I prefer the big blue boy scout and the smart ass Lois that isn't completely helpless, and the Lex Luthor that isn't an evil real estate engine. Sorry, that the comics and the cartoons brought me up to believe that Lex was an evil genius/ businessman and not some crazed ass with a stupid plan.
I read comics, watched the cartoons, seen a few George Reeves episodes and seen all the Reeve movies.

Guess what? My idea of who Superman is is no better than yours and vice versa. To say that we don't understand who he is is very condescending.

By the way, I would like to point out that prior to Superman: The Movie, Luthor was merely a one dimensional evil scientist. It's because of Superman: The Movie, which had Lex interested in a business (real estate) that comics went and had Lex build half of Metropolis (which *gasp* requires a love for REAL ESTATE!).

The term "Singerman" is neither funny nor clever. While we're at it, why don't we refer to Tim Burton's Batman as Burtonman?

If you can't attack SR without attacking Bryan Singer's sexuality, then just keep your thoughts to yourself.

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