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Default Re: Dougherty and Harris

Originally Posted by igotatromboner
Nobody here can honestly say that Lex's plan in SR was well thought out and made sense. Nobody here can explain why Superman almost died because of a kryptonite shank, but he could lift an entire island made of kryptonite. Nobody here can explain why Superman left and didn't say goodbye. He's Superman, he always does the right thing. Nobody here can justify Superman's ability to knock-up Lois, and not reveal himself to be Clark. It may be easier to let Richard be Jason's father, but it isn't the right thing to do. Superman always does the right thing. Who decided Lex wearing wigs was something that needed to be on film? That was lame and outdated. How can Superman have a 10 minute struggle with a plane, yet show little or less effort lifting an island. Why was it so easy for Lex to walk right into the Fortress of Solitude? Explain that to me. Go ahead, I'd like to see you try.
I believe that I've given a valid explanation for almost all of these things in these threads somewhere....that doesn't mean that I expect you to except them....just that I gave decent explanations.

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