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Default Re: Dougherty and Harris

Originally Posted by Substance D
i'm talking about with ideas. people complained about x1 not having enough action or teamwork. singer said x2 was going to be bigger and better. it was basically x1 with better special effects. we wouldn't get big, epic fight scenes and teamwork until ratner took over. and you already agree that sr missed alot of opportunities to show how supe's vacation effected the world. and added to that, it still lacked action. there's no reason why it couldn't have had drama and action, other than singer lacking vision.
I wasn't a big fan of Xmen and X2 at first viewing, I have since grown to really enjoy Xmen. I think X3 was a jumbled mess compared to what Singer did with the franchise. Sure there was some cool sequences and it was a fun movie, but X3 had horrendous dialogue and a huge plothole that is ridiculous.

Superman Returns missed alot of opportunities in the editing room and also in subsequent script rewrites the main focus of their idea was watered down. Was it a horrible film, no, but it could have been better. Just like X3 could have been better.


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