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Default Re: Dougherty and Harris

Originally Posted by C. Lee
It wasn't meant as an argument (I like to discuss many things, argue nothing....arguing is a waste of time) said no one could explain those things...I stated that I had given decent explanations for it before. can either search for them....or, if you can be patient (and not so hurry to "start an argument") can wait until I have time to re-write them for you. Try to act civil and get the chip off of your shoulder and life will flow more smoothly.

When I say 'argument' I don't mean an angry verbal interaction, I mean your point. I can't say, "Wow good debate" when we aren't having a debate. I've made my point, and you said you had made your point somewhere else previously. That's not a debate where I come from, that's you not having an adequate response. I'm not really trying to start fights, I'm just saying that anyone would have a hard time explaining the crap that was in SR. If right was logic the movie took a left turn. I'm more than patient for you or anyone else to explain to me why the actions in the movie were the actions chosen and why they were the logical thing to do.

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