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Default Re: Best Superman Movie

Originally Posted by TheComicbookKid
I understand you not liking Returns, but come on. Where was he as coward in Returns?
He was cowardly when he chose not to be honest with Lois about leaving Earth for 5 years. He was afraid of being 'hurt,' so he said nothing and instead hurt the person he's supposed to love. That is cowardly, instead of doing what was right and facing his own fear, he took the easy way out. Cowardly.

Yeah he feels lonely;that's straight from the comics.
It's been a long time since the comics have used that scenario. He's been married to Lois in the comics for nearly 10 years now, or is it longer? That 'lonely' bit was back in the 60's and it played out very differently than in SR.

Forgetting his responsiblities, It's ok to be on Earth without your powers(ala Supes II), but it's not ok to go looking for your home?
No it's not Ok to be on earth w/o your powers ala SUperman II. That was the whole point of the ending. He already learned that lesson and promised the president that he would never do it again.

You have to know your a father to be an absentee father.
Wrong. Plenty of people are irresponsible with their reproductive material and father children they don't know about. Just because they don't know and were irresposible does not absolve them of their responsibility or moral obligation.

Why do people think Lois and Supes won't be together at the end of the trilogy? That's like Romeo and Juliet not dying.
At this point anyway you get them together will be wrong.

1. Richard dies= cop out.
2. Richard and Lois break up= bad for the kid, Richard is the father he's known, and Superman can never replace him. HOw sad, Superman can never be the true father to his own son.
3. Jason dies, Lois and Richard break up= why even make SR.
4. Lois leaves Richard for Superman= Lois is selfish and can't see what is best for her child and is being completely unfair to Richard.

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