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Default Re: Dougherty and Harris

Originally Posted by Rizor
Puzo didn't do squat for STM.
Wait, Puzo handled the original screenplay for STM and S2, and I think he did a darn good job, given how well those movies have survived the decades, and still are considered among the best scripted CB movies ever. Did you not enjoy STM or S2?

Originally Posted by Rizor
But Chabon does have a story credit on Spidey 2, which I think I excellent. Don't know how much of his material made it to the screen though.
Yay! I seriously think we should push WB to sign on Chabon. I don't know how much of Spidey 2 he handled, either, but in an EW interview, he said his favorite contribution was the scene when Peter stops the steel wall from landing on MJ towards the end. Holding it up, mask off, he utters, "Umm -- Hi ... <pause> This is really heavy." Classic -- one of my favorite zingers in that movie

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