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Default Re: Dougherty and Harris

Originally Posted by markaudette
I sincerely hope that they both mature as film writers by the time pen goes to paper for the SR sequel.

I have been very critical of SR's screenplay due to its lack of super-powered action. It was just ...boring. Subdued. Insipid. Droll.

May I please give a wod of advice D & H?

If there's ONE person who can deliver us some breath taking action, it's our solar powerd, nearly imortal demi-god last son of Krypton. He can do just about anything except read minds.

So very dearly do I wish that Tom Mankiewicz was somehow involved in the next movie. This is my biggest wish.
I think the action will defo be in the sequel - let's just hope they're big AND original (cn't stress ths enough).

But my concern is more the dialogue. That's where the writing really opens up. I just saw SR agaon on a plane and felt (again) that the dialogue just did not follow through with the emotions at play. It has its moments but overall, really just weak (esp between Clark/Supe and Lois).

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