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Default Re: New Spider-Man 3 Trailer To Debut on MTV!

Originally Posted by Jesster32388
And another thing, although I'm glad we are getting a new trailer I'm kinda suprised it's ganna be on MTV first. I mean for one WB ussualy do that (Batman Begins and constintine) and when the Spider-man 2 trailer came out it was during a break for the aprentice (sp?) And that made sense because it had a large group of people watching. So I just thought it was going to be with Heros, that would have been huge, so many people watch that show and what better way to show people the new trailer then to show that many people it. I dunno ethier way we are getting the trailer early so I'm happy.
MTV probably wanted to get some ratings to their reality crap since it's fading, so they paid some big bucks to nab it probably.

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