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Default Re: Michael Keaton Appreciation Thread

Originally Posted by Black Mamba
Johnny Dangerously... great flick, severely underrated. I need that dvd too.
Indeed. It's the film that shows Keaton could have played the playboy side of Wayne if he'd been required to do so.

It should still be in print, and MGM put out a downright nice DVD. Widescreen, too... thankfully. No features, but unless a film is an "event" film, I'm not too anxious (sp?) for in-depth features anyway. A commentary would be nice, though... I'd love to hear Amy Heckerling talk about Dangerously. It's not often you see a female director (at least, not to my knowledge), and to do such a film.... a male-based comedy with an oft-objectified view of women.... must have been interesting. I wonder what prompted her to direct such a flick, and then to cast Keaton as a playboy type?

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