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Default Re: Michael Keaton Appreciation Thread

Originally Posted by Hades
I don't know why but the 89 costume would have to be my favorite out of any of the other movies. Something about it actually makes him look like a frighting creature of the night, at least I think. Except for the bright yellow bat symbol and belt. Totally take away from the look of the costume.

Returns costume is too sleek looing for my tastes. I like how gritty and leathery looking, almost like batwings, the 89 apeared to look like.
Exactly.... although I love the BR suit (I love it for armor, that is), aside from the belt and logo, you could mistake the 89 suit for a "giant bat". When something's got a robotic/machined look to it (Like the BR and BB suits), once you get a good look at them, it looks like body armor!

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