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Default Re: Michael Keaton Appreciation Thread

Originally Posted by Bizzaro Batwing6655
I dare.Here it is again:

Waste of time for me to go into detail as to why Keaton isn't/wasn't Batman -it's been done on these boards before on numerous ocassions.Anybody who really knows anything about Batman can tell ya why,but since you obviously need me to spell things out for you....I'll be brief:

-Keaton does not physically resemble Bruce Wayne.In fact, in many ways he's the antithesis.Al Pacino is a phenomenal actor,but no matter how great he is, you don't cast him as Superman.

-Keaton did not attempt to play the millionaire playboy persona that is essential to Bruce Wayne.Instead he opted for a spaced out, insecure and distracted guy.

-Keaton was not menacing as Batman.Granted he was brooding and did change his voice, but he never came across as a dangerous man.He was just ...funny.

All of this leads to the fundemental problems with Tim Burton:the man just doesn't get Batman.He dolled up the entire production with a "gothic" feel and bad ass suit, but in the end, it was still just plain ol' hilarious.And quite honestly,if I'm looking for chuckles off of Batman, I'll just watch the tV show(which I have a deep appreciation for, because at least they didn't try to hide the fact that it was all played for laughs).
Dude, we have a Christian Bale vs. Keaton thread. Why come into a "Michael Keaton APPRECIATION Thread" and try to bring us down? Not cool man, not cool. :

Yours truly, Bat Attack.

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