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Default Re: Was BF a "decent" Batman Film or Not?

I actually love Batman Forever. IMO, I can't stress that enough, I like it much more than Batman Returns. Sure I appreciate some parts in Returns but overall I just enjoy Forever much more. Returns is too dark and strange for me. The only thing that I really hate in Forever is the scene when Dick Grayson is doing the laundry with Alfred. That move where he drys his socks with his toes or whatever always drives me nuts. Other things do bother me a little: neon, nipples on the suits, and "I'll Get Drive Through". but not enough to detour me from enjoying the film. I love this movie and enjoy it everytime I watch it.

Oh, and Elliot Goldenthal is no Danny Elfman when it comes to Batman, but I love the score for this movie as well.

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