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Default Re: Gene Hackman or Kevin Spacey?

Originally Posted by casey
You're all insane. How anyone could think Spacey actually did a good job, I don't know. Maybe you were too busy eating your popcorn to notice that he seemed to be totally BORED with the part. The only glimmer that he was even aware he was in a movie, let alone that he was playing THE Lex Luthor, was when he first saw Lois and the kid on the boat with him. The look on his face with the toothbrush in his mouth .. now that was good.
hey bud, have you noticed that I'm not part of the Spacey lovers?
Just the post before yours.
Anyway, I don't know if he was really "bored" by the role, but I noticed he was ... well not at 100% of what I think he can do.
When I heard K.Spacey was Lex Luthor I was deceived because I didn't think he would be good. Then I thought "well, he's a brilliant actor, he should theorically be effective ... OK!" and I watched the film ... and I was deceived by him. I think what you take as "bored", I take it as "I'm the buddy of Bryan, let's just have fun, I don't need to make efforts."
This being said, I say this apart from what the story gave to him and apart from the vision of B.Singer.
Am I clear enough in my poor english language?

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