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Default SuperMan Sequel: Major Twists-Shocking Truth about Jason

If I was to write the sequel to Superman Returns it would consist of the following plot and sub-plot points.

1. I would follow a clear path of developing a father/son relationship with Jason and Superman. For the first half hour, a strong connection, a real bond. I would want the audience to emotional invested in this developing father/son relationship. Then for the Shock/Twist. Jason is not Supermans son. He was the result of Kryptonian technology, impregnating Lois. The specifics depend on which previous version of superman 2 or 1 we follow. If we look at superman 2, Clark gave up his powers before he slept with lois, so any offspring would only have been human. (although he reversed time in the donner cut and none of that took place, forgeting that for a moment).

Perhaps when he gave up his powers. The fortress, decided to act, preserving the Kryptonian legacy, perhaps it was a fail safe, to ensure that there is always somebody from Krypton alive, Perhaps the fail safe program was the Brainiac code/ or Eradicator Program. So at this point you say "what the....., jason=brainaic, no. Jason is the incubator that grows and allows the energy force of Brainiac to develop.

So at this point Jason becomes ill, Superman learns he is not really his son, and that there is nothing he can do for him. As soon as the Brainiac life form emerges jason will die. Superman risks his life and ventures to new krypton (to recover his crystals) only to discover their is nothing he can do. (Hints of future sequel villians from New Krypton)

Again that ill fated decision of Superman to become human impacts him and the world..............So begins the real action of Superman returns sequel. Superman verse Braniac or other.

2. This will clear up somethings of importance, Superman should not have any offspring. He should remain the last of his kind. This alienation (no pun intended) helps define him.

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