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Originally Posted by Nell2ThaIzzay
I went through X-Men Legends 2 for the first time during much of the pre-release hoopla over X-Men: The Last Stand. At that time, Scott's death was only a rumor.

Whenever I used Cyclops on my team in the game, he'd always end up dead. I just thought to myself "Wow, great omen of things to come, huh?"

Those pics you posted; just absolutley brilliant.

Cyclops in the films is very bittersweet. I think he was handled rather properly, in terms of how they showcased him as a character. But his arc was just a travesty. I don't even have any complaints about his X2 arc, because that was obviously just part of the story. But his abscence from X-Men: The Last Stand is definatley one that doesn't go unnoticed. So much could have been done with him in this film. It wouldn't have been hard to do at all. I can't believe I got my hopes up about him making it out of all of this alive.
You think that's something? Just for the sake of doing it I'd have Colossus or Rogue Fastball Special Logan into a pit, thus killing him in the process.

I think everyone who was and is a hardcore Cyclops fan got their hopes up about him showing up at the final battle. I don't think we as fans screamed loud enough about Cyclops. When Batman and Robin was released, fans continued to voice their displeasure and called for a restart or a darker sequel.

Even as we speak Megatron is having his head redesigned due to the poor reception the leaked picture received. The fans do have a voice and do have power. I just feel certain fans didn't fight as hard as they should've, and just accepted what Fox was doing because Kinberg said "we had parameters."

But at the moment I'm taking a break from battling Apocalypse and for the team; I have Cyclops, Magneto, Jean, and Gambit. That's pretty much the team I use when needing to use some distant attacks and wicked combos.

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