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Default Re: Michael Keaton Appreciation Thread

Honestly, all the credentials are there in Bale for him to be the superior Batman.... but Keaton just is Batman to me. On an emotional/subconscious level.... there's just no question. He's not an actor named Michael Keaton.... he's Bruce Wayne/Batman. Never was there a better, or perhaps more unexpected melding of actor and character. The guy fit Batman's psyche and attitude so well (despite the viciousness), that it truly helps overcome his physical shortcomings. Until I found the internet, I never even noticed Keaton was average height. I really didn't. They don't show his build, so we're not given to assuming he's NOT buffed under the suit.

The guy was incredible in the role, no doubt about it. If for nothing else, than even just for the fact that he changed so many people's minds by doing it, and shocking so many people by proving there was more to him than comedy.

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