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Post Re: Cyclops Returns(Old Thread Closed)

Originally Posted by Loganbabe
And why can´t you just praise your adored Marsden without trying to trash Hugh?
Hugh is a wonderful actor and did a wonderful job as Wolverine, so leave him out of this thread if you´re only going to bash him.
You don´t see this kind of thing happening in the Hugh/Wolverine thread. I´ve never seen people bashing other actors or characters there. It´s totally uncalled for.
Oh stop whining. I didn't bash Hugh at all. I acknowledge Hugh's talent as an actor and have heard he's quite the nice guy. I'm merely questioning why they didn't give Marsden a chance and just hyped up Hugh.

Again, this is the problem with people like you. You come in and anyone who is merely asking a question, you get defensive and feel people are trashing on Hugh. NO ONE IS TRASHING ON HUGH. They just overhyped Wolverine and basically made what was to be an all-star movie and changed it into a one-two star film.

It's because of fans like you we get a film where one person is the main star and the other suffers. This is why films like Spider-Man, Lord of the Rings, The Matrix, and Batman Begins are so much more successful than X3 will ever be. Again I'm not insulting Hugh at all, I happen to like him and think he's a cool guy.

Now please, take your non-comic book knowing mind someplace else. This thread was going along fine until you chimed in with your drivel.

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