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Post Re: Cyclops Returns(Old Thread Closed)

Another awesome picture of Ultimate Cyclops. Does anyone have the picture of when he blasted Logan out of the window? In the end he makes a pretty cool quip saying "Your healing power is about to become of some use."

He proceeds to blast at Logan with the optic blasts while Emma and Beast look on from the window.

I know a poster recently asked for a picture of Jean/Cyclops at Alkali Lake.

I truly feel Marsden is something special. I'm not taking anything away from Hugh Jackman, however, it would've been nice to actually see Marsden prove that he has talent as well. The ending scene of X2 proves that he can definitely act and the fact that he acts without you seeing his eyes proves his talent.

I sincerely hope in the future a restart or a sequel happens which hopefully can bring back Marsden as Cyclops and have him be front and center.

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