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Post Re: Cyclops Returns(Old Thread Closed)

Originally Posted by Loganbabe
Are you the owner of the thread?
Don´t act like you didn´t know what you were doing. Why did you have to mention Hugh at all in a Cyke thread, if not to make people start bashing him and/or Wolverine?
And I read the comics, genius. I´ve said that at least a million times. The problem is you´re too full of yourself to aknowledge this.
I didn't do anything. I just asked a question as to why Fox simply overlooked Marsden and continued to make Hugh out to be the star. If you perceive that as bashing Hugh Jackman, then that's your problem. Mark my words that Hugh isn't losing any sleep over you praising him or anyone insulting him.

So you coming to his defense is making you look pretty bad.

In any case, I'm through arguing with you. This thread was coming along very nicely with some intelligent thoughts and you come in with your typical Hugh Jackman/Wolverine love.

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