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Default Re: Cyclops Returns(Old Thread Closed)

Originally Posted by LastSunrise1981
So you coming to his defense is making you look pretty bad.
OK, no fighting, anyone. I think it's still Christmas in some parts of the world...let's just have a little peace around here too.

The reason Fox hyped up Hugh so much was because he had the more prominent role in the movie. Yes, Cyclops had the more prominent role in the comics, obviously, but the movies were more focused on Wolverine. Hugh's performance got great reviews, and it seems the majority of fans loved it (trust me, I saw him in NY a few years back and some guys were screaming "WOLVERINE!" from across the street).

James, well...didn't have much of a part once it came to X2, when I think he had barely 15 minutes of screen time. There's not much to hype there.

I think he's a really good actor...he just needs to get away from the 'other' boyfriend roles.

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