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Default Re: Cyclops Returns(Old Thread Closed)

I just can't believe that someone out there (whoever it was) thought it'd be a good idea to kill off Cyclops, the leader of the X-Men, in a story that he was supposed to have a major role in.

I understand that Halle and Hugh are the stars, and I think it would have been completely possible to still feature them in major roles while keeping Cyclops around and giving him the role he deserved.

I love the scene of Wolverine marching up to Jean to finally destroy her (I think it's one of the most powerful, most epic, and all around best scenes in the trilogy), but even that could have been so much better had it been Cyclops.

At the very least, they should have re-worked the beginning of the movie to have Cyclops leading the team in the Danger Room. Instead of the back and forth between Wolverine and Storm, the exchange between Wolverine and Cyclops could have been in the subbasement. Back in his room, he could have had the vision of Jean, and then he could have left the mansion, either without saying anything to anyone, or having a quick talk with Xavier (to at least explain that he's being haunted by her calling out to him, and that he's not just a whiney *****). At least if it were set up like that, we could have at least seen him in uniform, leading the team, one final time before he died.

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