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Default Re: Cyclops Returns(Old Thread Closed)

Well, well, well.

Leave for a couple of days and there's new Cyke thread. Something about 20k posts, too. Roxor.

Cyke PWNZ.

As for the discussion...

Originally Posted by Villya
Yeah that would have been much much better. It would not have to be a death scene tho, maybe he would be seriously injured.....but the "death" could be another cliff hanger to X4 where he returns. Just let Cyke have more screen time!

1 - As if.

2 - I'm honestly afraid that if they bring him back, he'll get screwed just the same.

Like, let's say, he's found/brought back by Hellfire/Sinister (whatever). Baddies let him loose and then he'll get his a$$$ kicked by the VERY FIRST MUTANT he encounters. Just because.

Posted on the old thread what I thought would be a nice treatment of a 'Cyke resurrected as abaddies' tool'... Problem is, Cyke actually gets to do something useful and, omg, he's not a cardboard cutout.

And that's a big no-no in the movieverse, it would seem...

Wilhelmina Slater... You are a horror movie I wish would never end.

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